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Green school

School of the Future

From our origins at Green School Mawsaitkhnam, we are committed to educating for sustainability in a natural environment through our purpose-driven curriculum.

Green School of Shillong Bamboo (Meghalaya) formed in the year 2019 is an educational bamboo green school training centre, private and national pre-kindergarten to high school located along the valley of Mawsaitkhnam village in East khasi Hills district, Meghalaya near Umroi Airport.
The school was founded by Bandap Dewkhaid and Tynshain Dewkhaid.
An area consists of 20,000sq surrounded with bamboo plantations. We have master craftsman, artist and designer who will be part in this project along with few semi-skilled artisans.

Green school children

Our Mission

Providing and giving our Children the best education on learning the importance of bamboo.

Creating Skills & employment for millions of people which will be the source of their livelihood.

green school classes

Who Can Participate?

Any Primary School, Middle School & High School can join. Special programs include Green Studies, environmental science, entrepreneurial learning, the creative arts and practical trainings.

Our Leadership

Green School leader
Bandap Dewkhaid -Green School Leader
Green School Leader
Tynshain Dewkhaid- Green School Leader

Tynshain Dewkhaid & Bandap Dewkhaid are the Founders of Green School
6 years of educating youths in Northeast India and possibly the most experienced environmental educator.

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